“Wellness” seems to be the buzzword lately, but it is a pretty vague term as far as I’m concerned.  My goal is to get us to think about what wellness really entails.  In lectures at the University of Minnesota, many of my professors described wellness as having 7 different dimensions.  They include the following:

1.) Physical

2.) Social

3.) Emotional

4.) Spiritual

5.) Intellectual

6.) Financial

7.) Occupational

8.) Environmental

My blog focuses a lot of physical wellness, however all of the dimensions are equally important.  I love the blogging community because it allows us to support one another as we work to improve upon all of these dimensions in our lives.  I want to point out that each dimension of wellness lies on a continuum.  Some people are at one end, and some are at the other.  However, most of us (myself included) fall somewhere in between.  The point is that we all have work to do, so let’s get started!!


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