What’s Your Willpower?

13 Mar

Have you ever had one of those days where you want to eat everything in sight??  Well today, it was one of those days for me.  Between the kids making homemade pizza in class today and other students bringing in homemade treats, it was a rough day.  The above cartoon is a perfect representation of my day.  Typically I can turn my head and resist the temptation to give in to things I know aren’t good for me or aren’t necessary, but today my willpower was really lacking.  I’m not sure why some days are better than others in the willpower department, but if anyone has any suggestions, I am in NEED!!

One thing I have been challenging myself to do lately is make homemade versions of the foods that I love but healthify them.  I’m pretty sure I just made up that word, but you get the point.  That way I can still give in to the foods I crave without cutting them completely out of my life. Win-win situation!  Below is a homemade pizza I’ve made a few times, and it always does the trick when the craving hits. (Recipe coming soon!)

Almond flour pizza crust.

After school, Korey and I met up with his parents and grabbed some ice cream.  Again, when it came to willpower, I had none.  I find myself feeling guilty whenever I have days like these… is anyone with me on this??

I have always tried to make good decisions throughout my life, but sometimes it’s just plain hard.   After all, life is really about balance.  I know it’s not good to be so hard on myself, and I just have to remember that it’s okay.  Tomorrow will involve new situations, new experiences and new choices to be made.  We all have days that aren’t perfect, and that’s what makes us human.  So relax, because tomorrow is a new day…

P.S. Please have a slice of pizza for me.  🙂


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