A Fun Package!

7 Mar

Good evening everyone!  I hope you all had a nice day.  The weather here was bright and sunny when I got out of school, and I was loving every minute of it!  Today at school I had to do a demonstration for the kids.  We made soft pretzels, and it went pretty well.  It can be hard when 25 students are staring silently at me as I knead the dough. 🙂  It definitely makes for some awkward silences as I still am uneasy about adding random thoughts or stories in, but it will get better!

While at school today I took some time exploring recipes that I want the kids to try out in a few weeks for nutrition week.  After school I stopped by the grocery store to pick up the necessary ingredients so that I could try them out at home.

The first recipe was a black bean veggie burger.  There are so many different variations online, but I decided to go with a simple and new to me recipe.  I also tried following a cauliflower “mashed potatoes” recipe.  I’ve made it before, but again this recipe was a little different.  Although the meal was edible, the recipes weren’t perfect, so they may not be worth sharing until I can perfect them.  However I’ll still let you take a look at the finished products. 🙂

As I said, overall the recipes were okay, but there is definitely some altering that I would do the next time around.  I did love putting the cauliflower mixture into the blender with milk in order to get it smooth and creamy.


When I arrived home today, I had a special delivery waiting for me.  Last week I ordered a few things off of iherb.com for the first time.  I have heard many people talk about the site, and I couldn’t wait to try out some of their products.  Plus, if it’s your first time ordering you can receive $5.00 off by entering this coupon code- GAJ068

Take a look at all of the fun things that I got!

MaraNatha Almond Butter, Coconut Butter (which I have heard so many great things about), coconut flour, PB2 (new powdered peanut butter) and last but not least my sample item, ‘The Vice-Busting Diet.’  With every order at iherb, you are allowed to pick out one free sample.  How could I resist a healthy eating book that is regularly priced around $20.00.  I’ll have to let you all know how it is.

Well that’s all that is new with me, and I really can’t complain too much…except I am counting down the days until Korey gets home…6 remaining…please speed up time!  Have a great night. 🙂


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