Going out on a limb…

3 Jun

Life is full of decisions…and I always try to make mine carefully because sometimes there’s no turning back.  After graduating from college a few weeks ago and moving back home to live with my mom for the time being, I have found myself in an awkward transition phase.  However, the problem is that I don’t know what I am transitioning to...  I feel like I have so many ideas in my head that I just need to get down on paper before I truly make a decision.  

I majored in Health and Wellness with a minor in Family Social Science, and it was a great decision because those are all of the things that I am passionate about.  I thought about becoming a teacher for Family Education, but that would have required another year at the University of Minnesota, and more time living and commuting in a big city, which is not what I wanted.  So I made the decision to move home and either search for a job in Wisconsin or go on for my master’s degree.  

So here I am, sitting home alone on a beautiful, sunny summer day not knowing where my life is headed.  This week has been a roller coaster already.  My wonderful new boyfriend [more on that later :)] had to go back to work out west for 2 weeks, and I am here trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  Over the course of the past 3 months I had planned on going back to school for human resource management through an online program offered through Concordia University.  However, as of two days ago, I had an epiphany and decided that wasn’t the right fit for me.  Again, I know what my passions are….health, parenting, relationships and education.  There has got to be something out there (rather than human resource management….what was I thinking?!) that is a better fit for me.  After looking around Concordia’s website, I found a master’s program in Family Life Education.  Perfect right?!  After finding it, I have been looking into different career options/salaries/etc… given that I decide to go forward with that.  Although money isn’t everything, it sure is something to take into account.   

cha ching

I discussed the program and future options with my mom, and after getting the, “I support you no matter what you do,” statement, I knew I could do it. 🙂  I’ve contacted the school and have been asking questions just so that I have an idea in my mind of the program length, career options, cost, etc…  In the meantime, I know that I can’t spend all day every day applying to schools and jobs, so what better way to spend my time then to start a blog!!  I’m sure there are others in a situation similar to mine right now, and so why struggle alone, right?!  

The focus of my blog is on my life, but that sounds pretty boring, I’m sure… Well sometimes I like to think my life is boring from the outside, but on the inside I have tons of crazy thoughts, ideas and inspirations that I hope to share with you and in return, I hope to get your feedback, thoughts and advice!  So if you’re brave enough to step into my mind…let’s go!! 🙂  


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